MAC “Shroom” Eyeshadow


For years I was on the lookout for the perfect highlight for my eyes. The dilemma was my skin tone. Professionals have told me I am so pale I can use white out as concealer. So you can see my frustration. Many of the highlights that I have tried just wouldn’t show up. My friend introduced me to this colour last summer and it ended my search!

Don’t judge the colour based on the picture above…it doesn’t do it any justice. When you actually put the shadow on your water lines, tear ducts, or brow bones the iridescent colour reveals all of its undertones with striking vividness. Depending on how the light catches your eyes, you can see different muted pearl tones.

You can use this colour as a highlight to play-up a dramatic look or even use it independently for a casual look, which instantly brightens your features.


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